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DanceTypeDate WrittenBook
"A Lovely Hall" 32S3January 2001CC2
Reversal of Fortune 32J3January 2001CC2
Holly's Joy 32J3February 2001CC2
The Waves on the Sea 32R4(set)February 2001CC2
Glen Cairn 32S3March 2001CC2
Arches and Angles 32R3April 2001CC2
A Bend in the River 32S3April 2001CC2
Pinball Wizard 32R3April 2001CC2
Tungsten Turkey 32R3April 2001CC2
Weaving the Plaid 32R4(square)April 2001CC2
The Butter Churn 32R3April 2001CC2
Fun at Fermi 32J3April 2001CC2
Perpetual Motion 32S3May 2001CC2
The Peony Flower 32S3July 2001CC2
The Tease 32R3July 2001CC2
Betsy Ross 32J3July 2001CC2
XYZZY 32R3July 2001CC2
Counterpoint 32S3July 2001CC2
A Trip to Scotland 32J3August 2001CC2
Chasing Castles 32R3August 2001CC2
Memories of Skye 32S3August 2001CC2
Great Big Sea 32R3August 2001CC2
Copy Cat 32J3August 2001CC2
Ampersand 32S3November 2001CC2
It All Started in DeKalb 32M3November 2001C25
Sweet Potatoes 32J3November 2001 
Glencoe Weeps 32S3November 2001 
Squash Blossom 32J3November 2001 
Origami 32R3November 2001 
Spirograph 32R4(square)November 2001 
Playful Progression 32R3November 2001 
Tiddlywinks 32J3December 2001 
Tit for Tat 32J3December 2001 
Reel to Reel 32R3December 2001 
Caterpillar Calisthenics 32R3December 2001 
Jingle Bells 32R3December 2001 
Ribbon Candy 32R4(set)December 2001 

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