A Trip to Scotland
by Sue McKinnell 8x32 Jig for 3C
1-8 1C set, then cast 1 place, 2C stepping up on bars 3-4; 1C cross RH and cast around 1st corners to enter the ends of the dance, 1W at the top and 1M at the bottom.
9-16 1W with 2C and 1M with 3C dance 6-bar LS reels across the dance, beginning by 1W giving LS to 2W and 1M giving LS to 3M. On bars 15-16, 1C meet in the center of the dance and turn LH once round to face 1st corners.
17-24 C dance diagonal reels of 4 with 1st corners; on bar 24, 1C pass LS to face 2nd corners.
25-32 1C dance diagonal reels of 4 with 2nd corners; on bar 32, 1C pass LS to end on own sides in 2nd place.
Suggested music is The Moudiewort from Muckle Carfuffle.
I took my first visit to Scotland in August 2001. This dance captures my impressions of that trip: you wander around all day seeing as much as you can, then get to your B&B late in the day, collapse into bed, and start all over again the following morning.