The Waves on the Sea
by Sue McKinnell 4x32 Reel for 4C
(Set Dance)
1-4 1C & 4C cross RH and cast inward, 1C to 2nd place, 4C to 3rd place; 2C & 3C step up or down on bars 3 & 4.
5-6 1C & 4C dance RH across way.
7-8 All 4 couples turn RH to form a line up and down the set, women facing down and men facing up.
9-16 reel of 8, taking 1 bar to pass a person and 2 bars to turn on the ends; on bar 16 all dance out to opposite sides, ending 3, 1, 4, 2.
17-24 3C, followed by 1C, 4C, & 2C lead down the middle. On bar 20, M dance below partners, while W dance under partner's arm and all lead up to positions on own sides in order 2, 4, 1, 3.
25-28 2C & 4C dance RH across WHILE 1C & 3C dance LH across.
29-32 2C & 4C dance LH across WHILE 1C & 3C dance RH across.
Repeat 4 times.
Suggested music is West's Hornpipe from Terpsichore.