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I started Scottish Country Dancing in the fall of 1994 and immediately fell in love with it. Then I began having dances pop into my head and eventually I wrote them down. These are the dances I have written.
Most dances have been danced at least once by my local group, the Silk and Thistle class of the RSCDS - Chicago Branch. Were it not for the Silk and Thistle dancers, these dances would not exist. They patiently try my dances, critique them, help tweak them when necessary, and help select music and an appropriate name.
I plan to add dances to this list as I write them. Feel free to copy them and dance them anywhere anytime. I only request that you keep my name associated with them.
I have split my dance page into several pages to make the pages shorter. Click on the year to go to the appropriate page, e.g. 2000. Dances not yet tried are listed in a light blue font. Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, or comments, or visit my home page.
If you prefer an alphabetic list of the dances click here.
Thank you, and I hope you enjoy dancing these dances.
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Click on the dance name to view the instructions.

DanceTypeDate WrittenBook
The Frolic 40R3September 1997 
The Lacemaker 32S4(set)November 1998CC1
Whirlybird 32J3February 1999C25
Mary Helen's Big Day 32R3August 1999 
Pluto's Head 32R2September 1999C25
Y2Chaos 32J4(set)September 1999CC1
Doug's Strathspey 32S3October 1999 
Gie it a Whirl, Mady! 32R3November 1999 
To Honor St. Andrew 32R3November 1999CC1
A Wee Dif-fugue-ilty 32H4(set)November 1999CC1

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