The Lacemaker
by Sue McKinnell 4x32 Strathspey 4C Set Dance
1-2 1C & 2C and 3C & 4C RH round 1/2 way.
3-4 1C & 4C LH round way while 2C & 3C turn partner by LH to own side.
5-8 Repeat bars 1-4 from new positions; end in order 4, 3, 2, 1.
9-16 All 4 couples set, cross by the RH, set, and cross back by RH.
17-24 Repeat bars 1-8, ending in original places.
25-26 1C cross by RH to 2nd place as 2C step up.
27-28 1C cast to 3rd place, 3C dance up to 2nd place.
29-30 1C cross by LH to 4th place, 4C step up.
31-32 All 4 couples turn partner BH once round.
Dance 4 times through.
Suggested music is Sarona by The Music Makars.
This dance was written in honor of my mother, who makes beautiful bobbin lace.