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DanceTypeDate WrittenBook
A Celtic Knot 48R4(square)January 2000CC1
A Diagonal Jig 24J3February 2000CC1
Ducks on the Pond 32M3March 2000CC1
The Silken Knot 32S4(square)March 2000CC1
It's a Reel Thing 32R3April 2000CC1
Two for One
co-written with Mady Newfield
32M5April 2000 
Waterfall Glen 32R3June 2000CC1
Ivy Vines 32R3July 2000CC1
Bricks and Mortar 32R3July 2000CC1
The Fox River 32S4(square)July 2000CC1
The Bow Tie Reel 32R4(set)August 2000CC1
The Tom Senior Reel 32R4(set)August 2000CC1
By Special Request 32S4(set)September 2000CC1
T for Two 32S4(7C T set)September 2000CC1
The Moment of Coalescence
co-written with Mady Newfield
32S3October 2000 
The Witching Hour 32S3October 2000CC1
Xs and Os 32J3(square)October 2000CC1
The Old Waterwheel 32R3November 2000CC1
Friends from Overseas 32J3December 2000CC1
The Great Mandala
(The Wheel of Time)
32J3December 2000CC1

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