Reel to Reel
by Sue McKinnell 8x32 Reel for 3C
1-8 1C cross RH, cast to 2nd place; 2C step up on bars 3-4. 1W with 3C & 1M with 2C dance RH across once round.
9-16 1C pass RS in the center into 1W with 2C & 1M with 3C dance LH across once round. 1C dance out the ends of the set, 1W down and 1M up, and cast into 2nd place on own sides.
17-24 1W with 2C and 1M with 3C dance LS reel of 3 across the dance; 1C dance out the ends of the dance to start.
25-32 1C dance LS reels of 3 on own sides of the dance, 1W giving LS to 3W and 1M giving LS to 2M.
Suggested music is Set of Reels from Muckle Carfuffle.