Sue & Dan's Website

Welcome to Sue and Dan's website. We hope to introduce you to the things we find interesting here.

Sue has taught computer science and is using this website to try out various web design techniques, for example this page is constructed using only CSS and tables. Here you will find a link to her old faculty website and information about the techniques used to construct this website.

Dan is more a hardware person. He hopes to add information about his hobbies to this website eventually.

This site is also host to two Scottish Dance groups: the Chicago Branch of the RSCDS, and Silk & Thistle, a class of the Chicago Branch. Sue is an avid Scottish Country Dancer and has written many dances, all of which are available on this site.

All of these pages have links from this page. Any time you see the following icon on a page, you can click it to return to this page: . Also, many pages contain a webmaster link you can use to send us email with questions or comments.

We hope you enjoy this website and find it useful or interesting.

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