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Welcome to my home page. I plan to use this forum to offer information about my hobbies and interests. Right now I have links to the Scottish Country Dance group I dance with and the pipe and drum band in which I play the Scottish snare drum. I have also uploaded instructions for the Scottish Country Dances I have written.

I am a full-time instructor at Robert Morris College and have included a link to my faculty home page. I teach various classes in web design, HTML, JavaScript, and Java, and plan to use this page to experiment with the technologies. The calendar displayed on this page is an example I wrote for teaching the basics of JavaScript and the rollover image map is from the more advanced JavaScript class I teach.

I have uploaded some photos from the property we bought and hope to build a house on. The property is an acre lot adjacent to a forest preserve whose forest spills over onto half of the property. The last 30 feet of the property are in a pond that is shared among the owners of the contiguous lots.

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