The Woggle Bug
by Sue McKinnell 8X32 Jig for 3C
1-8 1C turn 2C once round, LH on W's side and RH on M's side, then drop hands and 2C dance out and up to 1st place as 1C dance down the center. 1C turn 3C once round, LH on the W's side and RH on the M's side. 1C end facing 1st corners.
9-16 1C and 1st corners dance a full diagonal reel of 4. At the end 1C dance around each other LS to LS to end 1W facing down and 1M facing up.
17-24 1C dance RH across with corners and pass RS into LH across with partner's corners. 1C end facing 2nd corners.
25-32 1C and 2nd corners dance a full diagonal reel of 4. 1C end in 2nd place on own sides.
Suggested music is Swashbuckling Iain from The San Francisco Collection V2.
The Woggle Bug is a character in the OZ books by L. Frank Baum.