by Sue McKinnell 2X64 Strathspey for 4C
Set Dance
1-8 1C & 3C set, cast off 1 place as 2C & 4C step up, and dance a half figure of eight up around 2C and 4C. 1C & 3C end facing up and 2C & 4C end facing down.
9-16 Mirror reels of 4 on the sides, 1C & 3C dance in and up to begin while 2C & 4C dance out and down to begin.
17-24 Circular set & link in tandem: all set on the sides, then the 2 people on the left side of the line dance forward and to the right into the position 2 places up or down from where they started, i.e. 1M to 3M's position; 2M to 4M's position; 3W to 1W's position; and 4W to 2W's position. Meanwhile, the 2 people on the right side of the line cast up or down to form a skewed square set. All chase CW halfway around the set to form a square set ending 2W & 1M in 1C position, 1W & 2M in 2C position, 3W & 4M in 3C position, and 4W & 3M in 4C position.
25-32 Interlocking ladies chain: all women dance RH across halfway while all men dance to 'partners' positions. All women turn the man opposite once round LH, dance RH across halfway, and turn the man in the original position LH once round.
33-40 '1C' & '3C' continue turning LH to end facing CW with the women leading. Both couples chase a quarter of the way around the outside of the set and into the set, women passing to the left of the side couple and the men dance between the side couple. Both couples pass opposite right shoulder (man <-> woman), then women dance out of the set between the other couple as the man dances to the right of the other side couple. Both couples dance a quarter of the way around the set CCW to the opposite position.
41-48 Circular set & link in tandem: '2C' & '4C' dance forward and to the right into positions 2 places up or down from where they started while '1C' & '3C' cast into the far positions of the lines, all ending in skewed lines across from original partners. All chase CW halfway and square up the lines. Ending order is 4, 3, 2, 1 with 3C & 1C on opposite sides.
49-56 3C & 1C cross RH with partners. 3C & 2C change LH on the sides. 4C & 2C, 3C & 1C change RH on the sides. 4C & 1C change LH on the sides. Order is now 2, 1, 4, 3.
57-64 All set on the sides and turn partners BH once round, opening into 2C & 1C, 4C & 3C circle once round to the left.
Suggested music is The Banks of Spey from Campbell's Birl.
This dance might work as a reel also to The Shetland Fiddler from Campbell's Birl or as a medley 2X strathspey/2X reel.