Tik Tok
by Sue McKinnell 8x32 Reel for 2C
1-4 1C & 2C set, then 1C cross LS WHILE 2C step up to form a line across the set, 1W facing 2M, 1M facing 2W, 1C back to back.
5-8 1C & 2C dance a Ĺ reel of 4 across the set, ending 1W & 2M facing down the set nearer hands joined on the womenís side, 1M & 2W facing up the set nearer hands joined on the menís side - still forming a line across the dance.
9-12 1W & 2M, 1M & 2W set and link.
13-16 2C take RH and all set advancing to move the line a quarter turn CW around the set. 1W & 2M turn BH 1/2, 1M & 2W turn BH once round to form a line up and down the set with 1W & 2W back to back in the center.
17-24 1C & 2C dance a reel of 4 up and down the dance. On bar 24, rather than passing each other, 1W & 2W turn away from each other over RS to end facing partners up and down the dance (1C is at the top, 2C at the bottom).
25-28 1C & 2C turn RH ĺ; 1C cast down to 2nd place WHILE 2C cross up to 1st place.
29-32 2C & 1C RH across.
Suggested music is Set of Reels from Muckle Carfuffle.
Tik Tok is a metal man Dorothy finds in Ozma of Oz; his inner workings are clockwork and this dance reminds me of a clock.