Three’s Company
by Sue McKinnell 3x32 Reel for 3 people
(Triangular Dance)
1-8 All set and dance RH across halfway. All set and dance LH across halfway to end in original places.
9-16 Right shoulder reel of three, 1 giving RS to 3 to start. 1 end in double triangles position with 2 and 3.
17-24 All dance inverting double triangles.
25-28 1 & 3 change places RH. 1 & 2 change places LH. Order is 3, 1, 2.
29-32 All dance into the center, turn over right shoulders and dance out to place in the order 3, 1, 2.
Repeat 3 times.
Suggested music is 6X32 Reels from Miss Ogilvie’s Fancy by Green Ginger.
On rare occasions we start with very few people. This dance was written to accommodate that circumstance.