A Passing Fancy
by Sue McKinnell 4X32 Strathspey for 4C
(Set Dance)
1-8 1C and 2C, 3C and 4C dance double figures of 8, 1C and 3C crossing down to begin. End with 1C facing 2C and 3C facing 4C on the sides.
9-16 Mirror reels of 4 on the sides of the dance, 1C and 3C dancing in and down, 2C and 4C out and up to begin.
17-24 2C and 3C dance the knot.
25-32 All dance a 4 couple bourrel:
25-281M and 2W, 3M and 4W set advancing and turn BH halfway, then pull RS back. 2W end in 1st place facing up and 3M end in 4th place facing down. 1M and 4W pass each other RS to end 4W in 2nd place facing up and 1M in 3rd place facing down.
1W and 3W cross the set passing partnets LS and cast off 2 places as 2M and 4M cross passing partners LS and cast up 2 places. All dance into the center and face partners, ending in the order 2, 4, 1, 3 with all women facing up and all men facing down.
29-32All set to partners and turn BH to own sides, ending with 2C and 1C facing in and 4C and 3C facing out ready to begin the double figures of 8.
Suggested music is Fill the Fetters from Celebrate 50 Years with the Boston Branch.
I love playing with variations of dance figures and the bourrel is one of my favorites. I decided to see if I could make up a 4-couple version.