No Time to Rest
by Sue McKinnell 8X32 Jig for 3C
1-8 1C set, dance down the center, cast up behind 3C, and dance RH across halfway: 1W with 2C and 1M with 3C. 1W end above 2C and 1M end below 3C. All take hands as for double triangles.
9-16 Six bars of inverting double triangles, then 1C set pulling RS back to face up and down the set while 2C and 3C set turning away from the center of the set to place.
17-24 1C turn RH once round, then dance out the ends of the set (1W up and 1M down) and cast right to 2nd place on own sides while 2C & 3C set to partners, cross RH, set up and down, and change places LH on the sides.
25-32 1C dance diagonal rights and lefts with corners, 1W crossing up and 1M crossing down to start.
Suggested music is The Three Creeks Shore from Aye Afloat.