Miss Priss
by Sue McKinnell 8X32 Strathspey for 3C
1-4 1C cast as 2C step up. 1C turn RH, then drop hands with partners and take hands with 1st corners to form offset diagonal lines, 1W & 2M nearer hands joined facing 2W, 1M & 3W nearer hands joined facing 3M.
5-8 1C and 1st corners set, the diagonal lines they formed passing face to face, then turn corners BH to end 1C facing 1st corners in original places.
9-16 1C and 1st corners dance a diagonal reel of 4 ending where they started the reels.
17-20 1C and 1st corners set, 1C turning on the second setting step to face partner. 1C turn RH to form offset diagonal lines with 2nd corners; 1W & 3M facing 2M and 1M & 2W facing 3W.
21-24 1C and 2nd corners repeat bars 5-8.
25-32 1C and 2nd corners dance a diagonal reel of 4, 1C dancing around each other LS to LS to end facing out on own sides. On the second time through, each 1st couple should cast to the bottom of the set as the new 1C begins.
Suggested music is Naishcombe Hall from 12 Scottish Country Dances by Mervyn Short by Green Ginger.
This dance is for my first cat, Misty. Misty was a long-haired muted tortieshell (gray and cream). She was sweet and dainty and somewhat prissy.