Matrix Medley
by Sue McKinnell 32S + 32 R for 6 Women and 3 Men
(Set Dance)

People organized as follows:

            1WA     1M        1WB

            2WA     2M        2WB

            3WA     3M        3WB

(Note that the order of the men and women is unimportant and all but one figure end with general structure as above, so instructions refer to placement at the start of the figure not a particular person.)






All M pass WB by right shoulder, dance down behind WB line and back up M line (order 3, 2, 1). All M pass WA by left shoulder, dance down behind WA line and back up M line (order 1, 2, 3). End all W facing M line, M facing up.


W dance set and link for 3 couples while M set, 1M turning to face down on second setting step, then 1M & 3M dance petronella turn to form a line across the set. Repeat.


(Renumbered per above) Chain + Loop:

1WA & 1M, 1WB & 2WB, 2M & 2WA, 3WA & 3M change places RH while 3WB dance a loop pulling RS back to start.

1WA & 2WB, 1WB & 2WA, 2M & 3M, 3WA & 3WB change places LH while 1M dance a loop continuing in the direction after the change in bars 1-2, then turning right to return to place.

1M & 2WB, 1WA & 2WA, 1WB & 3M, 2M & 3WB change places RH while 3WA dance a loop.

1M & 2WA, 1WA & 3M, 1WB & 3WB, 2M & 3WA change places LH while 2WB dance a loop.  This figures ends with WB, WA, M columns.


M turn WA RH halfway to face, then pull right shoulders back to change places, M end facing WB and turn them BH once round.  This figure ends with WB, M, WA columns.  All end facing up.




(Renumbered per above)

All clap. W slip to opposite side, WA passing in front of M and WB passing behind M.  All set, W turning to face down.  W slip to original side with WA passing behind M and WB passing in front of M.  All set, W turning to face up and M ending in the center 1M & 3M facing WB, 2M facing WA and taking hands as in double triangles. (Center WA will have no one to take hands with.)


All dance double triangles, M just changing direction in place on bars 3-4 and ending next to W on bars 7-8, so this ends with 1M next to 1WB facing up, 2M next to 2WA facing down, 3M next to 3WB facing up.  M should take promenade hold with ‘partners.’


Couples dance a circulating allemande, ending by turning RH halfway to place the M in the center while 1WA, 3WA, and 2WB dance RH across halfway, then dance out and loop back into places opposite from original places, e.g. 1WA to 3WB place.


All but 2M circle 8 hands left and back while 2M dances highland steps in the center.


We often have many more women than men for demos.  This dance was written as a possible demo dance for one of those occasions.