Miss Jenny Lee
by Sue McKinnell 4x32 Reel for 4C
(Set Dance)
1-8 1C cross RH and cast one place as 2C step up, then dance a half figure of eight up around 2C while 4C cross RH and cast up one place as 3C step down, then dance a half figure of eight down around 3C.
9-16 1C & 1C & 4C dance the bourrel (1M & 4W set advancing towards each other, then turn BH halfway and away from each other to end back to back in the center 4W facing up and 1M facing down while 1W and 4M chase counterclockwise a little more than halfway to end facing partners. All set to partners and turn them BH to own sides). The order is now 2, 4, 3, 1.
17-20 All four couples turn partners RH halfway to face, then turn over rights shoulders and out to opposite sides.
21-24 2C & 4C, 3C & 1C circle four hands once round to the left, ending with the women facing up on the menís side and the men facing down on the womenís side.
25-28 All chase clockwise halfway to end in the order 3, 1, 4, 2.
29-32 4C & 1C dance RH across once round.
Repeat 4 times.
Suggested music is Fill the Fetters from Celebrate 50 Years with the Boston Branch.
This dance was written for Jenny Lee, a summer intern at Fermilab, who really caught on quickly to the dancing.