How to Teach a Human
by Sue McKinnell 4X32 Reel for 4C
Set Dance
1-8 1C and 4C cross RH and cast 1 place up or down as 2C and 3C step up or down. 1C and 4C dance LH across once round and end facing 'corners': 1W facing 2M, 1M facing 2W, 4W facing 3M, and 4M facing 3W.
9-12 All set to the person they are facing, then actives (1C & 4C) dance to their right and out to the position of the corner diagonally opposite to the corner they were facing while the corners dance in, pull RS back and face positions they were just in.
13-16 Repeat bars 9-12 with corners ending in diagonally opposite positions to where they were on bar 9 while actives dance in, pull RS back and end facing the next corner position CW around the set: 1M facing 3W, 4M facing 3M, 1W facing 2W, 4W facing 2M.
17-24 Repeat bars 9-16, ending with 4C facing 2C and 1C facing 3C.
25-32 4C and 1C dance RH across once round then 4C dance up between 2C and cast to 2nd place while 1C dance down between 3C and cast up to 3rd place. Ending order is 2, 4, 1, 3.
Suggested music is Shetland Fiddler from Campbell's Birl.
Note: timing is critical in bars 9-24; people in corner positions should allow the people in the center to dance to the right and start dancing out to corner positions.
This dance is for my third cat, Shadow. Shadow was a gray tabby with patches of red and spots on her belly. She loved to play and would jump feet into the air trying to catch a tinfoil ball.