The Ghost and Mary Jo
by Sue McKinnell 6X32 Jig for 5 people
(Set Dance)
  Set is 1C, 2C, and 3M.
1-8 1C set, cast off 1 place, set, and turn LH to end 1M facing 2W with 1W right behind him. 2C step up on bars 3-4.
9-16 Dancing as a unit, 1C dances a RS reel across the set with 2C, giving RS to 2W to begin. On the last loop of the reel, 1M dances wide to allow 1W to take the lead and end facing 3M with 1M right behind her.
17-24 Dancing as a unit, 1C dances a RS reel on the sides of the set with 2M and 3M, passing 3M RS to begin and ending by dancing into the set in 2nd place to end on own sides.
25-32 1C turn once round LH (4 bars). All set on the sides and 1M casts off as 3M steps up.
Suggested music is Jig Set (6X32) Miss Ogilvie's Fancy by Green Ginger.
Mary Jo asked for a dance with a permanent ghost for when there are only 5 people for dancing and this is what I came up with.