Follow the Yellow Brick Road
by Sue McKinnell 6X32 Reel for 3C
Set Dance
1-8 1M and 2C dance a LS reel across the dance; 1M end between 2nd place facing down.
9-16 1M and 3C dance a LS reel across the dance while 1W and 2C dance a RS reel across the dance. 2C end in 1st place and 1C end in the center in 2nd place facing down.
17-24 1C lead down the center and back ending facing one another with hands joined; 3C stepping in ready for...
25-32 1C and 3C poussette.
Repeat with a new top couple.
Note that the suggested music is 6 times through. I suggest that the second time a couple dances this dance, 1W dances a reel with 2C in bars 1-8 and with 3C in bars 9-16 and 1M dances only in bars 9-16.
Suggested music is Fire in the Rye from Jig for Joy.