Dipsy Doodle
by Sue McKinnell 4X32 Reel for 4C
(Set Dance)
  3C and 4C start the dance crossed over
1-8 1C cross RH and cast off 1 place as 2C step up. 1C dance a figure of 8 up around 2C.
4C cross RH and cast up 1 place as 3C step down. 4C dance a figure of 8 down around 3C.
9-16 1C and 4C dance ladies chain.
17-24 2C and 1C, 4C and 3C dance RH across. 1C and 4C dance LH across.
25-32 1C and 4C cross the set passing partners RS then 1W followed by 4M dance up above 2C, across the set, and down the women's side while 4W followed by 1M dance down below 3C, across the set, and up the men's side. 1C and 4C cross RH on the last 2 bars. End 2, 4, 1, 3 with 1C and 3C on opposite sides.
Suggested music is The Shetland Fiddler from Campbell's Birl.
As I was playing around with the figures in the dance, the name phrase dipsy doodle came into my mind, so that became the name of the dance.