A Diagonal Jig
by Sue McKinnell 8x24 Jig for 3C
1-8 1C cross by RH, cast to 2nd place, 2C stepping up, 1C dance figure of eight up around 2C.
9-16 2C cross RH and cast to 3rd place WHILE 3C turn by RH and dance up to 1st place. 1C, 2C, and 3C turn by RH once round, ending 3, 1, 2 with 2C & 3C crossed over.
17-24 1C, 2C, and 3C, dance diagonal rights and lefts.
Suggested music is Teviot Bridge from A Scottish Celebration.
I wanted to emphasize technique in diagonal rights and lefts, but all dances I found with the figure are fairly complex. So I wrote a simple dance with diagonal rights and lefts and it turned out to dance rather nicely.