Bricks and Mortar
by Sue McKinnell 8x32 Reel for 3C
(building a foundation)
1C cross RH, cast to 2nd place, 2C stepping up on bars 3 & 4; 1C cross RH and cast right, 1W down and 1M up.
(building walls)
1C dance reels of three with corners, beginning by giving RS to 1st corner and ending back-to-back in the center in 2nd place on opposite sides.
(adding the roof)
2C, 1C, & 3C dance double triangles; on bars 23 & 24, 1M turn over RS to end facing out the women's side in 2nd place and 1W turn over RS in place to end next to 1M on his right.
(exploring the views from the windows)
1C dance out the women's side of the dance, 1M cast up around 2W, 1W cast down around 3W. 1C dance in the ends of the set and dance out the men's side of the dance, 1W cast around 3M, 1M cast around 2M. 1C end in 2nd place on own sides.
Suggested music is Fireside Reel from Gie Us Tullochgorum.
I wrote this dance as I was thinking about how to represent the house we are planning to build on the property we bought.