An August Day
by Sue McKinnell 8X32 Reel for 3C
1-4 1C cross and cast off 1 place while 3C turn 2C halfway (LH on the womenís side and RH on the menís side) and dance up to 1st place.
5-8 1C dance a half figure of 8 up around 3C.
9-16 All repeat bars 1-8 with 3C in 1st place. End in the order 2, 3, 1.
17-24 2C and 3C RH across halfway.
2C and 1C LH across halfway.
2C cross LH.
All set. End in the order 3, 1, 2 all on opposite sides.
25-32 3C, 2C, and 1C dance set and link for 3 couples twice.
Suggested music is Celtic Bi-centenary from Highlander v11.
This dance was written on an August day, thus the name.