The "Mary H."

by George Whitehorne

4x32 Hornpipe 4C
(4C set dance)




1st and 2nd couples, and, at the same time, 3rd and 4th couples, dance right hands across and left hands back.


Men, arms crossed in Hornpipe position (arms folded at shoulder height, palms resting on biceps), set and coupe twice, while the women dance toward their partners and, pulling their left shoulders back, turn and dance back to place.


All couples, men still in Hornpipe position, dance a petronella figure without the setting, twice, to finish on their partners’ side.


4th couple, followed by 3rd, 2nd and 1st couples, with nearer hands joined, dance down the dance. On bar 20, while traveling, men turn partners under their right arm to face up, and all dance back up, 1st couple leading. At the end of bar 24, all couples face in and take hands for Poussette.


All couples dance Poussette for four couples. Finish in the order 2,3,4,1.
Poussette for four couples
The 2nd, 3rd and 4th couples, all dance as they would as 2nd couple in a two couple poussette.
The track for 1st couple is:
bar 1 - dance away from the center and turn ¼
bars 2 & 3 dance down the dance
bar 4 - turn ¼
bar 5 - advance toward the center
bar 6 - turn ½ way
bar 7 & 8 fall back

Repeat with a new top couple
Suggested Music: "The Highland Lass" from John Ellis, Fire in the Kilt on LICS 5158