Lucy's Fancy

by George Whitehorne

8x32 Reel 3C




1st couple cross by the right and cast off one place, 2nd couple stepping up on bars 3 and 4. 1st couple turn partner by the left, 1 times to end in the middle, facing down, nearer hands joined, woman on man's left.


2nd, 1st and 3rd couples, dance mirror reels of three on the sides of the dance; 1st woman passes 3rd woman by the left to begin, 1st man passes 3rd man by the right to begin. 2nd couple dances out and down. 1st couple ends the reel, crossing to face their 1st corners, ready for;


(Hello-Goodby setting) 1st couple, set to 1st corners, then pull back right shoulder and set to each other across the set. Turn back-to-back, diagonally, pulling back right shoulder, to face 2nd corners. Set to 2nd corners. Pull back right shoulder and set to each other up and down the set. On bar 24, 1st couple turn, pulling back right shoulder to finish, man facing up between 2nd couple, and 1st woman facing down between 3rd couple.


All dance Reels of 3 across the dance; 1st couple giving right shoulders to 2nd corners to begin. 1st couple end in 2nd place on their own side.

Repeat, having passed a couple
Suggested Music; "Caberfei" by Craigellachie

Lucy, likes reels. This was written to remember the adventure of looking for her first house.