by Sue McKinnell 4X32 Strathspey for 4C
(Square Set)
1-4 1C and 3C dance LH across to original places.
5-8 1W followed by 1M, similarly 3W followed by 3M, dance into the set, then chase as if around a circle to end 1C facing 2C and 3C facing 4C. (Women will be facing women and men facing men.)
9-16 1C and 2C, similarly 3C and 4C, dance RH across then circle left once round.
17-24 Parallel reels of 4 across the set, 1C passing 2C and 3C passing 4C RS to begin.
25-28 1C and 3C pass the person they are facing LS, turn left, and chase CCW to original places.
29-32 All chase CCW 1 place and set with partners facing into the set.
Suggested music is Double Diamond Strathspey from Vintage Goldring.
The shape of the figures of this dance remind me of the yin-yang symbol.