Sugar on Snow
by Sue McKinnell 8X32 Strathspey for 3C
1-8 1C and 3C dance double figures of eight, 1C crossing down between 2C and 3C casting up behind 2C to start.
9-16 1C & 2C dance the Bourrel. On the last two bars, 2C turn BH to own sides as 1C turn BH then away from each other to face 1st corners.
17-24 1C dance corners pass and turn with 1st corners, passing RS in the center to face 2nd corners to dance corners pass and turn with 2nd corners. On the last two bars, 1C pass RS to end 1W facing down between 3C and 1M facing up between 2C.
25-32 1C dance six-bar reels of 3 on opposite sides, passing 2nd corners RS to start. On the last two bars, 1C cross RH to own sides. On the second repetition of the dance, 1C dance down to 4th place as 4th couple cast up into the double figures of eight.
Suggested music is The Expert Dancer from Campbell’s Birl by Muriel Johnstone and Keith Smith.
I grew up in northern Vermont and still remember a trip to the sugarhouse when I was small. A treat served there was sugar on snow – freshly boiled down maple syrup poured on clean snow.