Square Day
by Sue McKinnell 4x32 Reel for 4C
(Square Set)
1-8 1W followed by 1M dance a figure of eight around 4C, beginning by dancing between 4C and giving 4W LS. As 1C dance around 4M, 1W dance wide to allow 1M to take the lead. 3C dance similarly around 2C. 1C and 3C end in original places.
9-16 2C and 4C dance ladies chain.
17-24 All women dance RH across halfway while all men chase 1 position CCW. All turn the person they meet halfway to place the men in the center. All men dance RH across halfway while all women chase 1 position CCW to meet partners and turn them into promenade hold. Order is 4, 1, 2, 3.
25-32 All promenade CCW around the set. All turn partners to position in new places.
Repeat 4 times.
Suggested music is The Shetland Fiddler from None So Pretty.
March 3, 2009 was known as a square day because 3 times 3 (3 squared) is 9 and this dance was written on that day.