Square Chaos
by Sue McKinnell 4X32 Jig for 4C
(Square Set)
1-4 1C and 3C RH across ending facing side couples: 1M facing 2W, 3W facing 2M, 1W facing 4M and 3M facing 4W.
5-8 All dance a half reel of 4 across the set.
9-12 All turn the person they are 1˝: 4M & 1W and 3W and 2M turn RH, 1M & 2W and 4W & 3M turn LH. End 4W facing 3M, 2M facing 3W, 2W facing 1M, and 4M facing 1W. 1C & 3C are in original positions, but in partners’ places.
13-16 All dance a half reel of 4 up and down the set.
17-20 4C and 2C dance RH across and end on the sides of the square, 4C in 2nd place and 2C in 4th place.
21-24 All chase CW 1 position and set. Order is now 2, 3, 4, 1.
25-32 All circle left and back.
Suggested music is King Edward’s Jig from 12 Dances by Mervyn Short by Green Ginger.
I like to play with mixing people up and trying to restore order to the pattern by the end of 32 bars.