The Search for MacDonald
by Sue McKinnell 5x32 Reel for 5C
(Set Dance)
1-16 1C, 2C, 3C, & 4C dance rights and lefts for 4 couples (each 4-bar phrase is: all cross with the person opposite RH, then the people in 1W & 3M or 2W & 4M positions cross LH diagonally WHILE people in 1M & 2M or 3W & 4W positions change places on the side LH). End in original places.
17-20 1C, 2C, & 3C dance ˝ LS reel of 3 on the sides.
21-24 1C, 4C, & 5C dance ˝ LS reel of 3 on the sides WHILE 3W & 2W, 3M & 2M turn 1˝ LH on the sides.
25-28 5W & 4W, 5M & 4M turn 1˝ LH on the sides.
29-32 5C & 1C RH across once round. End 2, 3, 4, 5, 1.
Repeat 5 times.
Suggested music is The MacDonald Saunter from Dances with a Difference.
I liked this music and wanted to write a dance that worked with it. Also, I spent part of my trip to Scotland in 2001 researching my name. I had always known my name was associated with Clan Donald somehow, but it wasn’t until this trip I learned it is an alternate spelling of MacDonald.