Reflection Reel
by Sue McKinnell 8X32 Reel for 3C
(Set Dance)
1-8 1C & 4C cross RH, 1C cast off one place as 4C cast up one place. 2C step up and 3C step down on bars 3-4. 1C & 4C RH across. End with 2C facing down, 1C facing up, 4C facing down, and 3C facing up. Note: 1C & 4C must come out of the RHA a little early to end up in position. 1C & 4C are on opposite sides.
9-16 2C & 1C, 4C & 3C dance double figures of eight; 2C & 4C crossing down as 1C & 3C cast up to begin. End in double triangles position with 2C & 4C facing in and 1C & 3C facing out.
17-24 All dance inverting double triangles.
25-32 1W & 4W turn 1˝ LH as 1M & 4M turn 1˝ RH to change places. 4C cast up behind 2C and cross to 2nd places on own sides while 1C cross down between 3C and cast up to 3rd place on own sides. Ending order is 2, 4, 1, 3.
Repeat 4 times.
Suggested music is The 25th Reel from Celebrate 50 Years with the Boston Branch or West’s Hornpipe from Terpsichore.