Ordered Chaos
by Sue McKinnell 4X32 Strathspey for 4C
(Set Dance)
1-4 All dance a set and link for 4 couples:
2M followed by 1M and 3W followed by 4W dance to the opposite end of their line while 3M followed by 4M and 2W followed 1M cast off to form lines across the set as follows:
4M  3M  4W  3W
2M  1M  2W  1W
5-8 Center pairs set and link (3M and 4W, 1M and 2W). Ending order is:
4M  4W  3M  3W
2M  2W  1M  1W
9-12 4C and 3C dance a LS reel of 4 while 1C and 2C turn partners LH once round. Ending order is:
3W  3M  4W  4M
2M  2W  1M  1W
13-16 3C and 2C, 4C and 1C dance a half ladies’ chain. Ending order is:
2W  3M  1W  4M
2M  3W  1M  4W
17-20 All dance set and link for 4 couples. Ending order is:
1W  2W
4M  3M
1M  2M
4W  3W
21-24 All set, then 1W and 2M, 4M and 3W change places RH. Ending order is 2, 3, 1, 4 with 3C and 4C on opposite sides.
25-28 3C and 4C chase CW to change places and end all on own sides.
29-32 All turn partners BH once round.
Suggested music is Fill the Fetters from Celebrate 50 Years with the Boston Branch.
I had an idea for a 4 couple set and link and the dance took off from there.