The Milky Way
by Sue McKinnell 4x32 Strathspey for 4C
(Square Set)
1-8 1W & 2M, 4M & 3W ˝ slanted rights and lefts.
1M & 4W, 2W & 3M ˝ slanted rights and lefts.
9-16 3C & 1C reel of 4, beginning with 3W & 1W passing RS WHILE 3M & 1M cast into partners’ places. On bar 16, 1W, followed by 1M dance to face 4C in 2nd place, 1W on partners’ left WHILE 3C dance similarly to face 2C in 4th place.
17-24 1C & 4C, 3C & 2C set to each other, turn opposite BH once round, and circle 4 hands to the left.
25-28 1C & 3C dance LH across ˝ way, then each dance out to places (1C to 3rd place, 3C to 1st place). All end facing CCW around the set.
29-32 All chase 1 place CCW, then turn partners LH once round.
Repeat 4 times.
Suggested music is Fill the Fetters from Celebrate 50 Years with the Boston Branch.
The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy and the figure in bars 25-32 reminds me of a spiral.