The Merry Go Round Mountains
by Sue McKinnell 8x32 Jig for 3C
1-4 1C cross RH and cast 1 place; 2C step up on bars 3-4.
5-8 1C dance out the ends of the set, 1W down and 1M up, and cast up through 2nd place on own sides to face 1st corners.
9-12 1C dance reel of four with 1st corners; on bar 12, 1C turn LH into...
13-16 1C dance RH across with corners, 1W with corners in 3C position and 1M with corners in 2C position. 1C end facing 2nd corners.
17-20 1C dance reel of four with 2nd corners; on bar 20, 1C turn LH into...
21-24 2C, 1C, & 3C dance RH across, 1W with 3C in 2C place and 1M with 2C in 3C place. End with 1C in 2nd place on own sides, 2C in 3C place on opposite sides, and 3C in 2C place on opposite sides.
25-32 Diagonal rights and lefts, 1W up and 1M down.
Suggested music is Machine Without Horses from Cairngorms.
The Merry Go Round Mountains are featured in the Oz Book, The Lost Princess of Oz; they are spinning rubber cones that must be crossed to save Ozma from her captor.