Mady's Idea
by Sue McKinnell 8X32 Strathspey for 3C
1-8 1C, 2C, and 3C set and cross RH. 1C cast 1 place as 2C step up. 1C cross RH. End 2, 1, 3, with 2C and 3C on opposite sides.
9-16 2C, 1C, and 3C dance a 3-couple helix:
All set advancing to pass partners LS.
All pull RS back and dance back to places.
All change places RH with partners retaining hands.
All join RH hands in the center and dance RH across halfway (all 6 people need to pull into the center to make it around halfway).
End 3, 1, 2 with 3C and 2C on opposite sides.
17-24 Reels of 3 on the sides; 1W passing 2M LS and 1M passing 3W LS to begin. 3W and 2M cast into the reels to begin.
25-32 Diagonal rights and lefts.
Suggested music is Lady Lucy Ramsay from Gang on the Same Gate by Green Ginger.
At the 2013 Madison Ball, Lynn Litterer mentioned a figure she'd danced at a workshop earlier that day (the Helix) and asked if I could create a dance for which the name Double Helix would be appropriate. This is the fourth of several dances I came up with. The figure in bars 9-16 is based on an idea Mady Newfield had in class when we tried one of the earlier Helix dances.