The Ladiesí Auxiliary
by Sue McKinnell 8X48 Jig for 3C
1-4 1W & 2W dance a loop around partners, passing them right shoulder to start, then dancing up behind them and into the center of the dance and taking them by the right hand.
5-8 1C & 2C lead down the center of the dance. On bar 8, couples lift their arms and the men dance below partners as the ladies dance under the raised arms to end on opposite sides facing up.
9-12 1C & 2C lead back up the center of the dance to opposite sides.
13-16 1C cast off to 2nd place as 2C continue dancing up to 1st place. 1C cross RH to own sides.
17-28 1C & 3C repeat bars 1-12, 1C crossing up on the last bar. Order is now 2, 1, 3 with 2C & 3C on opposite sides.
29-32 All set then set advancing to meet partners in promenade hold, 1C facing up WHILE 2C & 3C end facing down.
33-40 All dance a circulating allemande as if part of a three couple allemande: 1C dancing up starting in 2nd place and ending in 2nd place; 2C & 3C dancing down, 2C starting in 1st place and ending in 3rd place, 3C starting in 3rd place and ending in 1st place. Order is now 3, 1, 2 with 3C & 2C on opposite sides.
41-48 3C, 1C, & 2C dance diagonal rights and left, 1W up and 1M down.
Suggested music is The New Rigged Ship from Colin Dewar Special Requests Volume 4.
We have a group of ladies who meet nearly every Friday for handwork and also spend a lot of time planning SCD events, e.g. the New Yearís Ball, the Weekend Workshop, etc. for the Branch.