Jubilee Red
by Sue McKinnell 8X32 Reel for 3C
1-8 1C & 2C dance a quicktime Bourrel: 1M & 2W set advancing, then turn each other BH halfway with two pas-de-basque steps, turning away from each other to end back to back in the center, 2W at the top facing up and 1M at the bottom facing down. MEANWHILE, 1W & 2M dance across the set CCW and cast up or down the opposite side to end facing partners. All set, then turn petronella to own sides, 2C in 1st place, 1C in 2nd place.
9-16 2C, 1C, & 3C advance and retire, then dance back to back with partners.
17-24 1W with 2C, and 1M with 3C dance right hands across, then 1C pass RS to end 1M with 2C, 1W with 3C dance left hands across.
25-32 2C, 1C, & 3C dance right shoulder reels of three on the sides, 1W giving RS to 2W, 1M giving RS to 3M to start.
Suggested music is Long Pond Reel from Terpsichore.
This dance is named for one of the types of tomatoes we planted in our yard this season.