An Irregular Progression
by Sue McKinnell 6X32 Jig
6 couple set dance
Couples are arranged in two regular triangular sets in the following formation with the A set aligned as normal, A1 with their backs to the music and the B set aligned as if rotated 180°, so B1 is facing the music:
B3   B2 A2   A3
1-8 Reels of three in promenade hold across the individual sets. A1C giving right shoulder to A3C to start; B1C giving right shoulder to B3C to start. B2C & A2C end the reel facing each other.
9-16 B2C & A2C dance half rights and lefts to change sets. All take nearer hands with partners and set, then all turn partners to put the ladies in the center of their sets ready for...
17-24 In the individual sets: ladies dance left hands across two places as men chase one place clockwise. All turn partners halfway by the right to place the men in the center. Men dance left hands across two places as the ladies chase one place clockwise. The order is now 2, 3, 1 in each set with A2C & B2C having changed sets. Couples end facing in as in regular triangular sets.
25-32 All take nearer hands with partners and advance to form lines across their set and take hands with the person they meet (1W & 2W, 3M & 2M). All balance in line. All retire to places and set.
Repeat 6 times.
Suggested music is 6X32 Jigs from Miss Ogilvie’s Fancy by Green Ginger.
Doug Jensen has lead the Silk & Thistle class for more than the eleven years I have danced with the class. He prepares on average 50 classes a year and is always ready for whoever shows up - we have new people drop in at any time. This dance is written to honor him, his dedication, and his very special birthday this year.