Ducks on the Pond
by Sue McKinnell 8x32 Medley for 3C
1-8 (strathspey time) 1W followed by 1M cast behind 2W (2C dance up to 1st place on bars 2 & 3), dance across in 2nd place through 2M's position and cast behind 3M to below 3C, then dance up to 2nd place, remaining in the center of the dance.
9-16 1C turn BH 1, then 1W dance up to between 2C and 1M dance down to between 3C. 1W with 2C and 1M with 3C take hands and dance down the middle, remaining facing down.
17-24 (reel time) All set, on second setting step 1C & 3C turn over RS to face up. 1W followed by 1M dance up and out the top of the set, then cast to 2nd place WHILE 2W & 3W change places RH on the side and 2M & 3M change places LH on the side, then 2C followed by 3C dance up the set. 2C end in 1st place facing out, and 3C end in 3rd place facing up.
25-32 Reels on the sides of the dance, beginning with 3C dancing out and up, 1C dancing down and in, and 2C dancing out and down.
Suggested music is Glasgow Country Dance from Tarry Awhile.
This dance was inspired by the behavior of the ducks on our new property. Frequently when we visit the property, there are ducks on the pond. They swim in circles, often in pairs, until they realize we are there; then they converge to a group, quack excitedly, and fly or swim off in groups to the other end of the pond, where they swim agitatedly for a while.