Double Nickel(s)
by Sue McKinnell 5X32 Reel or Strathspey for 5C
Set Dance
1-8 1C & 3C cross RH, cast one place, and dance a ˝ figure of eight up around 2C or 4C to end facing 1st corners. 2C & 4C step up on bars 3-4.
9-16 1C & 3C dance corners pass and turn, passing RS in the center to face 2nd corners, then RS in the center to end women facing down and men facing up.
17-24 3W down with 5C and 1M up with 2C dance a reel of three across the dance WHILE 1W & 3M pass LS into a reel of four with 4C across the dance. (Active couples are giving RS to 2nd corners.) 1C & 3C end where they started the reel, but with women facing up and men facing down.
25-32 1C & 3C turn partners RH and cast one place as 4C & 5C step up. All turn partners RH once round.
Repeat 5 times.
Suggested strathspey music is 5X32 Strathspeys from Miss Ogilvie’s Fancy by Green Ginger. Suggested reel music is Hoedown Reel Set from The Music Makars.
I wrote this dance for all of us who have passed a certain milestone (double nickel originally referred to the 55 mile-per-hour speed limit in the U.S.) and to prove we could still dance. The reel version proved a bit speedy (although a tweak to bars 23 and 24 helped), so we tried it as a strathspey and it works quite well.