The House on Dell Lane
by Sue McKinnell 5x32 Strathspey 5C
(Set Dance)
1-8 1C & 2C, 3C & 4C dance six bars of a Poussette right round. On bars 7-8, 1C & 3C cross RH and cast one place WHILE 2C & 4C dance bar 7 of the Poussette and dance up one place. End 2, 1, 4, 3, 5 with 1C facing down and 4C & 3C facing up.
9-16 1C, 4C, & 3C dance reels of three on the sides of the set, LS on the womenís side and RS on the menís side. 1C begin by dancing in and down. 4C begin by dancing out and up. 3C begin by dancing in and up. 1C & 3C end facing 1st corners.
17-24 1C & 3C dance corner, partner, corner, partner ending on the sides in progressed places.
25-32 All 5 couples set on the sides. 1C & 4C, 3C & 5C dance six bars of rights and lefts. End 2, 4, 1, 5, 3.
Repeat 5 times.
Suggested music is Scotch Mist from Drummond Cook's Highlander Series CD #5.
I wrote this dance to honor our demo team leaders, who open their house to us for demo practice and rehearsals. The room in which we dance is above the garage and the perfect size for a 5 couple set with no down the middle and back figure.