Deer in the Headlights
by Sue McKinnell 8X32 Reel for 3C
1-8 1C cross RH, cast one place, and dance a half figure of eight up around 2C. 2C step up on bars 3-4.
9-20 2C, 1C, and 3C dance rights and left for 3 couples, all ending facing CCW.
21-24 All chase halfway around the set CCW, ending in the order 3, 1, 2 on opposite sides.
25-32 3C, 1C, and 2C set and link for 3 couples twice to end in the order 2, 1, 3 on own sides.
Suggested music is Long Pond Reel from Terpsichore.
This dance was inspired by Derek Haynesí dance The Startled Rabbits about dancers to whom the next 8 bars is always a surprise.