Chicago Silver
by Sue McKinnell 5X32 Reel for 5C
Set Dance
1-8 1C & 3C set and cast off one place as 2C & 4C step up. 1C & 3C turn LH to end with women facing 1st corners and men right behind partners.
9-12 Half diagonal reel of three with 1st corners. As 1C & 3C round the ends, they change places so the men lead; they end with the men facing the womenís 2nd corner position with the women right behind the men.
13-24 Repeat bars 9-12, dancing first facing the people in the womenís 2nd corner positions, then facing the people in the menís 1st corner positions, and lastly facing the people in the menís 2nd corner positions. 1C & 3C end in progressed places on opposite sides.
25-28 1C & 3C dance LH across once round WHILE the people in the corner positions chase counterclockwise two corner positions around the outside of the dance, ending in the positions where they started the diagonal reels.
29-32 3C & 1C cross LH and cast one place, 4C & 5C stepping up.
Repeat 5 times.
Suggested music is The McDonald Saunter from Dances with a Difference or Hoedown Reel Set from The Music Makars.
This dance is written to honor the 25th anniversary of the Chicago Branch of the RSCDS in the year 2005.