A Celtic Knot
by Sue McKinnell 4x48 Reel for 4C
(Square Set)
1-4 Men cast behind partner and dance in to face woman CCW around the dance. (Note: it is important that the men end close to the women to allow room for the next figure.)
5-8 Women dance around man facing them by LS and out the dance to face man CW around the dance.
9-16 All turn halfway by RH in 2 bars, then women dance LH across halfway to end facing partners. All turn partners 1 by RH to end women facing in and men facing out.
17-20 Women dance in for 2 bars, passing partner by RS, then turn right to dance out at next position CCW for 2 bars, ending turning over RS to face in WHILE Men dance out for 2 bars, turn over RS and dance in, passing CW woman by RS, ending turning right to face partner.
21-32 Repeat bars 17-20 3 times, ending with men facing out between partners and corners.
33-36 Men give LH to partner and RH to corner and all set for 2 bars, then drop hands and all set advancing for 2 bars, turning over RS to end men facing in and women facing out (as in inverted double triangles).
37-40 Repeat bars 33 & 34, men giving RH to partner and LH to corner, on bars 39 & 40, all turn partner by RH to end in promenade hold facing CCW around the set, women on the outside.
41-48 All promenade once around the set.
Repeat 4 times; each time the 2nd couple has advanced to 1st place and all others have moved similarly one place CCW.
Suggested music is Fizzbin - The Next Generation from the San Francisco Collection, Vol. 2.