But Carlyn, Who's Counting?
by Sue McKinnell 5x32 Reel for 5C
(Square Set)
1-8 Couples are arranged in a square set with 5th couple facing 1st couple. 1C, 5C, & 3C dance 6-bar RS reels of three up and down the dance. On bars 7-8, 5C turn LH into ...
9-16 5W with 2C and 5M with 4C dance RH across, 5C pass RS into 5W with 4C and 5M with 2C dance LH across. 5C pass RS to end 5W facing 1C, 5M facing 3C.
17-24 5C, 1C, & 3C dance double triangles. 5C end facing 4C.
25-28 5C & 4C dance rights and lefts.
29-32 4C (in center) turn LH to face new 1C (5C) and 1C, 2C, 3C, & 5C turn RH once round into promenade hold and dance CW 1 position around the set. End in order 5, 1, 2, 3, 4 (in center).
Repeat 5 times.
Suggested music is Hoedown Reel Set from The Music Makars.
This dance is in honor of Carlyn's "special" birthday March 8, 2002.