by Sue McKinnell 4X32 Strathspey for 4C
(Set Dance)
  3C and 4C begin the dance crossed over
1-8 1C and 4C dance parallel figures of 8 on the sides, 1C passing 2C RS and 4C passing 3C RS. 1C and 4C pass each other LS the first time they meet (dancing between 2C and 3C) and RS the second time they meet.
9-16 2C and 3C RH across and LH across.
17-24 1C and 4C turn RH 1 then dance up or down the set no hands joined passing RS with the other couple and remaining in the center as 2C and 3C step in behind them: 4C and 3C facing up and 1C and 3C facing down.
25-32 4C and 2C dance the allemande up to change places while 1C and 3C dance the allemande down to change places.
Suggested music is The Old School Strathspey from 12 Scottish Country Dances by Mervyn Short.
This dance reminds me of the cat's cradle figure called candles.