Barnyard Dance!
by Sue McKinnell 4X64 Reel for 4C
(Square Set)
1C & 3C turn partners RH once round. 1C & 3C set, men turning over their right shoulders to face CLOCKWISE. 1C & 3C chase CLOCKWISE one position inside the square, ending with 1M in front of 2M facing 3W, 1W in front of 2W facing 3M, 3M in front of 4M facing 1W, and 3W in front of 4W facing 1M.
1C & 3C dance RH across once round. On the last bar, all turn partners into promenade hold, ending 2C facing out in 2nd place with 1C behind them, 4C facing out in 4th place with 3C behind them. All promenade 2 places CLOCKWISE around the set, 2C to 4th place, 1C through 2nd place to 3rd place, 4C to 2nd place, 3C through 4th place to 1st place. Order is 3, 4, 1, 2.
All set to partners, men turning over RS to face CLOCKWISE. All chase one position CLOCKWISE around the set. All turn partners RH once round, 1C & 3C end facing partners. Order is now 2, 3, 4, 1.
3C & 1C slip into the center, 3W & 1M passing face to face and ending 3W with her back to 2M. Similarly, 1W & 3M passing face to face to end 1W with her back to 4W. 3C & 1C set, 1W & 3W turning over RS to face the opposite way. 3W & 1W slip passing each other face to face to change places, then change places with the person they end up facing, 3W & 1M, 1W & 3M. Now 3C is facing 2C in 1st place and 1C is facing 4C in 3rd place.
Parallel RS reels of 4 up and down the set. At the end 2C & 4C turn partners RH into promenade hold and 3C & 1C meet partners in promenade hold, ending 2C facing out in 1st place with 3C behind them and 4C facing out in 3rd place with 1C behind them.
All promenade CLOCKWISE 2 places around the set, 2C to 3rd place, 3C through 1st place to 2nd place, 4C to 1st place, 1C through 3rd place to 4th place. Order is 4, 3, 2, 1. 3C & 1C dance half rights and lefts. Order is 4, 1, 2, 3.
All turn corners RH once round, then turn partners LH once round.
57-64 All circle left and back.
Repeat 4 times.
Suggested music is 8X32 Reels (marches) from First Stop! by Waverley Station.
This dance was inspired by the book Barnyard Dance! I saw at a baby shower. This is a fun children’s book by Sandra Boynton. The dance described in the book looked like it could almost be a Scottish country dance, so I 'interpreted' it. The music should not be too fast as the promenades can be a challenge to get into, and to be totally true to the book, the music should start with two chords, so people can bow to their partners and to their corners.